domingo, 6 de novembro de 2011

My favorite day

The Weekend in Titicaca Lake, Puno, Peru.

Hi, my name is Carlos, I’m a Brazilian guy. I’ve lived in União dos Palmares since I was born in 1986. In this text, I’m going to speak about my favorite day. Well, my favorite day of the week is Friday because in the evening it’s the weekend. Then, I like to work, but I’m much more not to work.

In the weekend, especially in the morning of Saturday I usually study a lot of English. After, I watch TV in the Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel that I like very much.

         I habitually have lunch at home with my brother and my sister. We don’t have parents. They are dead. We often have a simple lunch because my sister generally doesn’t like cooking. After lunch, I read journals and magazines or watch a movie with my family.

In the evening, I usually go to computer to surf in the Internet. There, I visit web sites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and others. So, I update my life in the social network.

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